How does the NEF work?

Once your child becomes eligible for the Nursery Education Funding (NEF), claiming their 15 ‘free’ hours funded by the government is very easy, we will make the claim on your behalf. At the beginning of the term following their third birthday, your child’s details will be included in a register which we provide to local authority of all newly eligible children. You will then be asked to complete a form confirming your child’s personal details, including their date of birth, address etc but most importantly their attendance pattern at Cliffe House along with that of any other setting your child may attend. All funding is paid directly to the childcare setting. Your child is entitled to 15 hours free education for strictly 38 weeks of the year (term time only). We calculate the 15 hours across the term therefore your fees will not be adjusted for the short half term holidays, however the NEF is not calculated throughout the large summer break, therefore your child’s attendance will be charged at the normal daily rate. If your child does not attend as many as 15 hours, a maximum of ten hours can be claimed for any one days attendance. If your child doesn’t attend anywhere else, their full 15 hours can be claimed by us and therefore calculated and deducted from your monthly Nursery fees. A letter will be provided with details of your newly reduced fees along with instructions to amend your current payment method. If your child does attend another Nursery or often a Pre-School, your 15 hours will be split across the two providers. This is compulsory and BMDC or LCC will determine how the hours are shared. Again, you will be informed of the details.

What is your staff turnover like?

A happy working environment mean happy children and our practitioners play a key part in ensuring this is provided. We therefore invest time, commitment and a loyalty to our team. Finding good, well qualified and experienced staff can sometimes be hard, so when we find them, we want to keep them! This is achieved by supporting their personal professional development, providing relevant training opportunities to keep them motivated and acknowledging their achievements. This results in staff feeling valued, enjoying their role and staying at Cliffe House. We are proud to say being in business for reaching 17 years, our longest serving member of staff has shared 15 of those with us!

Do I pay for the Christmas closure, family holidays and/or bank holidays?

Nursery is closed for the period between Christmas and New Year along with all statutory Bank Holidays. Your child’s Nursery fees are calculated for 51 weeks of the year taking into account these closures.

Should your child not attend Nursery due to a family holiday or chosen absence, your Nursery fees are payable as normal.

Can I pay my Nursery fees via Childcare vouchers?

Yes! We accept childcare vouchers from all providers. You must ask your employer which company they use and set it up in preparation for your child starting Nursery. You may need our Ofsted registration number when setting up your account with your employers chosen provider, this can be provided by our Nursery Managers. Please ensure when instructing payment to be made via childcare vouchers you use your child’s name as reference.

Can I book extra days if needed?

We aim to be flexible and support you in juggling busy family life, therefore if you are in need of ‘extra’ days on occasion, please ask your child’s Head of Room or the Nursery Manager directly if there is the availability for your child to attend on any chosen day.

If there is space, we are more than happy to have your child attend Nursery. You will be invoiced for this separately and all extra sessions are charged at our usual daily rate.

What do I need to provide for my child?

All meals, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day for babies/children. All we ask you to provide is your child’s nappies and chosen wipes. We also advise that children have a spare set of clothes at Nursery just in case they get wet/messy whilst participating in planned activities or enjoying outdoor play. Also suitable outdoor clothing is essential in enabling children to play outside, ie: coat, hat, scarf, gloves and wellies in the Winter and a sunhat and sun cream throughout the Spring/Summer months.

What happens if my child has an accident at Nursery?

Should your child have an accident whilst at Nursery, an accident form will be completed by the member of staff who witnessed the event. This will provide details of what happened, at what time and when. It will also include information of the actions taken, care administered and details of the injury your child has sustained. If your child has suffered any form of head injury, you will be contacted by telephone to inform you of the details. In addition, an information sheet will be provided explaining the vital signs to look out for following a head injury. Should your child need medical attention, necessary steps will be taken. If your child requires hospital attendance, you will be contacted immediately and given details of the situation.

What happens if my child is ill at Nursery?

It is important that on arrival at Nursery, practitioners are provided with details of your child’s current wellbeing and health. This information is key to staff making judgements throughout the day should your child not seem themselves, ie: babies teething! Should your child be taken ill whilst at Nursery, we will contact you. If your child is suffering with a high temperature, we will ask you to make your way to Nursery and collect them, in the meantime gaining verbal permission to administer Calpol in order to safely reduce their temperature. Details of any medication administered will be recorded and a signature will be requested on your arrival.

In the entrance hall and in each room, you will also find details of the exclusion periods for relevant infections/diseases. It is essential that these are strictly adhered to in order to maintain a happy, healthy and safe environment for your child.

How can I be certain my child only leaves Nursery with me?

Your child’s safety is paramount. When completing your initial Registration Form, you will be asked to provide photos of yourself along with anyone else you would like to grant permission to collect your child. In addition, we will ask for prior notification if anyone other than a child’s parents will be collecting them from Nursery. If it is a family member or friend who has not visited the Nursery before, we will also ask for a relevant ‘password’ and a brief description of their appearance, the person collecting your child will be asked to provide the password on arrival before entering the room in which your child is based.

What is the payment policy for Cliffe House?

Fees are to be paid on the 1st of each month. A £25.00 late fee charge will be made for any overdue fee’s not received by the end of the month, a full copy of our terms and conditions are available on request.